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While the entire podcast did not happen, we did get 30-plus minutes!!! Sometimes the process, just needs to be trusted, and I’m sorry we didn’t get to complete our conversation, I am pleased we had some quality time together. I’ll be sure to have Elsa back during the year!

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Elsa is the Founder and CEO of Composed Living, a Los Angeles-based professional organizing company that began in 2016.  In 2023 she created her non-profit, Composed Giving.

With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, Elsa has used her leadership skills in industries ranging from healthcare to telecom, always building teams with a service-first mentality Elsa’s goal is inspiring people with her commitment to personal growth.

Composed Living is all about transforming the chaos of clutter into beautifully organized spaces.  Clearing out, decluttering, donating old goods, and reorganizing takes a lot of time and energy that isn’t always at the forefront of your to-do list. That’s where the Composed Living team comes in! They have a dedicated team of organizers who will come into your home or business to transform your spaces into places of efficiency and calm.

They offer sustainable, easy-to-maintain solutions that save you time and money.  Thus, allowing you to focus your energy on the things and people you love.

As you think about your lifestyle, would your life be more comfortable if your living spaces were less cluttered? Thereby, perhaps making you feel less cluttered? Maybe, it’s time to donate those items to Composed Giving.

Composed Giving.

Composed Giving was born out of Elsa’s desire to help more people while also doing something to help our beautiful planet.

Their mission transcends beyond providing essential items to those in need throughout Los Angeles County.  They are driven by three key pillars that form the bedrock of their non-profits’s goals.  They include community, kindness, and sustainability.  These three pillars guide every facet of their operations, shaping the way they serve, collaborate, and contribute to creating a more compassionate and equitable society.

Elsa’s Takeaways.

“I believe in the connection between our physical space and our emotional well-being. When our homes are overrun with clutter, it creates stress whether we are aware of it or not. The visual distractions pull our attention away from the things we want to focus on. This includes quality time with your significant other, or being a really present mom for your little ones.”

“I am on a mission to teach people how to live well in their homes while making conscious choices that are aligned with their personal values. Being organized is about creating systems in your life that help you live the life you want! And because our beautiful planet is home to so many living creatures, we also believe in the importance of taking care of it.  We focus on sustainability in all things, and love sharing tips with others on how to incorporate more eco-friendly habits in their daily lives.”

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