The Food I Ate

Funny how putting something in writing holds you accountable for your actions.  I suppose that’s why diet journals are successful.

When we last visited I had marveled at 3 meals I made last year. That is so pathetic.  It’s not to say that I only cooked 3 times in an entire year, but truly, nothing very memorable. I’m not going to bother with the blah blah blah, I live alone stuff.  Lots of people live alone, it’s not an excuse to not cook or worse not eat dinner.

Yes, I’ve heard of Trader Joe’s and other markets that have quality produce and single meals ready to heat.  I’m lazy, it’s just that simple.  I don’t want to cook, period.

But I made the menu, the list and went to the market.  It’s no surpise, that I actually prepared dinner both Monday and Tuesday night, after all, I said I would.  It would be embarrasing to come up with some lame excuse. How hard was it?  Not hard at all.  Do I have leftovers for Wednesday and Thursday? Yes I do.

Jacques Pepin was one of Butch’s favorite Chefs. Chicken with cauliflower and fresh salsa was one of our favorites.  I cheated, and bought salsa and added additional cilantro, onions and a jalapeno, so simple. Then okay, the standby spaghetti sauce was a no brainer.  Made that the same night I made the chicken. That certainly left me with no excuses for dinner last night.

I am never alone when college basketball is on.  Duke almost lost this game.

Another Night of College Ball…









All right, I’m bored now.  Anyone want to go out for dinner tomorrow??