The Food I’ve Cooked

Dear Diary,

I have a confession to make.  Since it’s a diary, I just know it will stay private!! I have a key somewhere, probably in that attic of confusion.

I don’t cook. That’s it.  I could cook, but something keeps getting in the way.  I have some inklings as to why this keeps happening.

At the very top of the reason list is lazy.  There I said it.   I just want the food to magically appear…and it just doesn’t happen. Anyone relate?

I know in my married life, I just had to show up at 6:00 and there was the food.  All delicious, all planned and ready to eat.  My husband was an engineer.  He approached cooking rationally.

It started on Sunday.  The calendar was consulted.  Yellow pad with the days of the week down the side beginning with Sunday and ending with Thursday. Any nights that we were not home, were marked out. Simple so far.  I could do that.

Next, the menu. Varied from fish to beef to pasta and whatever.  Alright, that’s not difficult, well unless you’re lazy. From the menu came the grocery list. Whamo, there’s the plan. Now all that’s necessary is to execute.

Now that’s the disconnect. I have a chef’s dream kitchen. All the bells and whistles are just ready to be used again. Dishes, I have enough dishes to last a few months.

I don’t want you to think that I NEVER cook, because on those rare occasions, I take pictures of my masterpieces.  Think of this like a little kid and a calendar with red stars of great accomplishments!

Check these out…

      Pork chop, roasted potatoes, broccolli and cauliflower. 

Hang on…truth in reporting…I was looking at this placemat and thought…those aren’t my placemats…that’s because my brother Larry, made that meal! See what I mean? Showing up to eat is so nice!!

  That looks darn good too!   I’m getting hungry!!

And finally….I made this as well!! I can’t believe it either!!

I know many of us make resolutions in the beginning of each year.  I don’t want to set myself up to fail. I know I have that yellow pad, I know my calendar is up to date. Now, wouldn’t it be great if I could select a menu, do the marketing and actual prepare the food.  I’m going to work on that!!

Dear Diary, I will be writing about my success this week, no pressure!!