Back To Life, Back To Reality (En Vogue)

After several months of travel blogging, it’s time to get back to my regular life, which includes my camera and my radio show.

All these songs are swirling around in my head. Does that happen to you? Do you have a permanent “Jukebox Hero,”(Foreigner) playing in your head as well?

I’m reminded of a calmer time, when just being “Into the Great Wide Open,” (Tom Petty) fills me with “Joy To The World.” (Three Dog Night)

I think you get my point.  “I Got the Music In Me.” (Kiki Dee)

Let’s talk a “Walk On the Wild Side”. (Lou Reed)

I decided to visit the concrete jungle of Playa Vista.  From high above the buildings looking over the bluffs from LMU, this is my view.  This new part of our city is now known as Silicon Beach.  The hanger that Howard Hughes built the Spruce Goose is still standing to the right with it’s new neighbor, the IMAX theater.  Construction continues.Welcome YouTube.Google and Facebook are on the way, too! I’m feeling like this may be a good thing for the vaule of my home.  Time will tell.

When you get into the concrete jungle it has a slightly different feel. The man made ponds are truly beautiful and attract a wide variety of birds, including the green heron.

It’s so hard for me to choose the best ones, because I had never seen a green heron. Not only did it basically walk on water, okay, light enough that it could walk on a floating lily pad, close enough, but it was searching for its next meal as well.

Check this guy out and bear with me…it’s now become a photo album, but you’ll see why.The dazzling water lily.The fish, the ducks, and the location, truly makes for a “Beautiful Day” (U2) don’t let it slip away.

Next time you need a little breather, take a walk, find a place that brings you peace and soak it up! That’s what makes my reality, real!

I’ll be back next week.

But don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Born To Talk Radio show every Monday from 1-2 on for the live broadcast. Later in the day, I will post the archived show for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Did you ask me who my guests are going to be?  Two terrific people from my Speakers By The Sea Toastmasters Club.  Gage Bock and Aaron Kleinerman.

Keeping it real!