Brigitte Cutshall

Thank you, Brigitte Cutshall for joining me on The Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.


As the founder of Gemini Media, Brigitte will tell you  that “communication is something you continue to get better at.  And the better you get, the more people you can help.”  She is dedicated to inspiring positive change through leadership and health advocacy.  She takes her passion about healthy advocacy seriously.  Brigitte truly enjoys helping business professionals produce and share their content. She will encourage you to own your own journey.

Along with her professional life, Brigitte will be sharing with us her personal life.  From being raised around a military family, how she met her husband and why she loves dogs so much!




You will also hear about her books, including the latest, Move for You.   She shares practical wisdom that turns conventional thought on its head. As an example:

• How facing your fears actually increases your confidence.
• Why slowing down is an essential part of any exercise routine.
• The crucial link between physical activity and emotional health.




Incidentally, Brigitte is also a podcaster.  Her show is Real Things Living.  Also, Brigitte is a cancer survivor.  You will hear her story and how that has effected her life in helping others.

Brigitte’s Takeaways.

  • Health Journey:
    • The importance of early cancer detection and the impact of personal health experiences on your perspective.
  • Military Upbringing:
    • Unique challenges and values instilled by growing up in a military family.
  • Relationships and Growth:
    • Insights on how relationships contribute to personal growth.
  • Passion for Health Advocacy:
    • The motivations behind pursuing nutrition certification and becoming a health advocate.
  • “Listen to Your Body” Philosophy:
    • Advocate for the significance of listening to one’s body and its impact on overall well-being.
  • Podcast and Writing Journey:
    • The inspiration behind starting the “Real Things Living” podcast and lifelong enjoyment of writing.

In Closing.

Lastly, Brigitte became an unabashed health advocate after facing serious health challenges. Her goal is to “empower others not just to survive, but thrive,” and encourages us to focus on what’s important.  She maintains a positive outlook, finding purpose, and embracing every day as a gift. Change happens because of our courage.

This is an inspiring podcast. Tune in!

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