Diane Jones

Diane Jones will be my guest on The Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on Monday, March 25th, from 1-2 PT.

Meet Diane.

Diane was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 6. She struggled in first grade. Her mother noticed that she wrote the letters of her name backwards. She naturally read from right to left, and didn’t possess age-appropriate hand-eye coordination. Her parents decided to have her repeat the first grade and enrolled her in special education. In Special Ed, the teachers tutored her in reading and writing.  The intervention made a huge difference for her.  The rest of Diane’s academic career was normal except for significant test anxiety. However, she  graduated college cum laude with a marketing degree.

Dyslexia also didn’t hinder her ability to be successful in her 28-year financial services career.

Diane has a profound reverence for and connection to the natural world. She loves all creatures, but horses stole her heart when she was young. Circumstances did not allow Diane to own a horse growing up, but that did not stop her from searching for the “perfect” equine companion. Meanwhile, she took advantage of all opportunities to get close to horses.


Diane dreamed of owning a horse someday. As it often does, life got in the way of making that dream come true until Rudy came along. At 50, she bought a down-on-his-luck chestnut Thoroughbred for 1 dollar. The trajectory of her life changed with that one choice.


In April of 2019, she moved Rudy to a dressage barn. She quickly told the trainer about her dyslexia, explaining why she may not follow her instructions as readily as others she’d taught. Unfazed by her declaration, she told me her that she had taught people with dyslexia successfully.

Meet Rudy the Rudster.

Rudy was born on April 10, 2005. He’s a gorgeous thoroughbred that stands 16.1 hands tall and weighs 1,300 pounds. Rudy is charismatic, sensitive, cautious and playful. He loves to eat apples, carrots, celery and watermelon.  He is truly a love!

Diane has written 3 books about Rudy the Rudster. Her Book 3 was the Winner of the 2023 Moonbeam Bronze Medal for Best Children’s Book Series-Non-Fiction her award winning book series features Rudy who tells the stories. Educational, entertaining, and beautifully illustrated for kids ages 6-11.




In closing.

Follow this link to learn more about dyslexia, at the Dyslexia Foundation. Diane will be sharing her story of how Rudy and Dressage helped her dyslexia.


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