Brigitte Cutshall

Brigitte Cutshall will be my guest on The Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on Monday, March 11th from 1-2 PT.

Meet Brigitte.

Brigitte is a health advocate and speaker who is passionate about encouraging others to lead their happiest, healthiest lives. She is the founder of Gemini Media, a creative enforcer, the host of Real Things Livings Podcast, and has authored several books. Her goal is to “empower others not just to survive, but thrive,” and encourages to focus on what’s important to find your inner strength.

She brings 30+ years of experience in the publishing and communications industry to help others share their stories and messages of hope. When not writing or recording a podcast, Brigitte enjoys staying active with her family, dogs, and running.

Brigitte is also a breast cancer survivor.

Gemini Media.

What Brigitte has learned in life is this: collaboration and having a creative mindset helps you develop ideas and solutions. One of her favorite things to be involved with is contributing to book projects and content production.

Her business focus is providing value and meeting client expectations to help grow their business. Specialty is in Marketing Communications solutions that encompasses the Three P’s:


Brigitte has written four books.  Her latest is Move for You.

Throughout Move For You, you’ll discover practical wisdom that turns conventional thought on its head. Valuable gems like:

  • How facing your fears actually increases your confidence.
  • Why slowing down is an essential part of any exercise routine.
  • The crucial link between physical activity and emotional health.
  • Great health and joyous movement are your birthright. You can find real-world answers to what’s holding you back from enjoying a happier life.



Questions like:

  • How do I make movement a part of my daily routine?
  • How can I start in an activity that seems beyond me, like running?
  • How do I listen to my body, especially if I’m dealing with a health issue?

In Closing.

“Your personal health journey is about finding happiness in movement and the joy in discovering what lightens your heart. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, dancing in your living room, or trying a new activity with a friend, exercise is actually a powerful tool for healing—medicine for the soul. In fact, movement is the spark that sets your inner light shining.”

Let’s all appreciate and take care of our health.

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