Jonathan Masiulionis

How to Reconnect to Your Inner Child.

Today’s Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, featured Jonathan Masiulionis. Jonathan is the President of Empowered Publicity and hosts the Children’s Books Spotlight Series.  You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Jonathan takes us on his personal journey from understanding what made him happy as a child and what were his challenges.  Jonathan’s story unfolds.

Where to start?

Looking back at his childhood gave Jonathan the opportunity to look forward to the future.  Jonathan realized that he needed to release judgment and anger, he saw as a slingshot. Perhaps you’ve had memories in your own life that may have caused sadness, anger, guilt, or other emotions. Now what?  Consider this, Do you allow negative thoughts to control you? Do you blame others? Do you bury them deep without intentions to uncover them?  Jonathan credits time and understanding as a way to begin the process. He also believes that his connection to his intuition helped. And he said, he wouldn’t change a thing about his childhood. Life is a continuous lesson.

What came next?

He soon realized that he didn’t want to take life too seriously. Play. And finally, to reconnect to his inner child. Once that realization manifested itself he came to recognize the importance of children’s books.  As you read this, do you recall your favorite books as a child?  Were they read to you? Did that add to the pleasure?

Some simple steps to reconnect to your inner child. 

  1. Open up space in your mind, your heart and your gut. Remember the adage “trust your gut?”
  2. Play. You get to choose what play means to you.
  3. Breathe. Such a simple word, allowing clarity.
  4. Express emotions. Feel your feelings.
  5. Journal your progress.
  6. Have a support system.


Here are some ideas for you to consider.  “Life begins on the other side of your comfort zone.”  “Suspend disbelief.”  “What do you need at this moment?” “Don’t beat yourself up.” “Don’t expect perfection.”  “Enjoy your life experiences.” “Celebrate yourself with love and compassion.”

We are the author of our own life story. After listening to this show, you may decide to look at your own inner child in a way you never thought of before. If kindness is a word that bubbles up for you, remember to be kind to your inner child, it will serve you well.

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