Los Angeles Sights

Like many cities, we all have our favorite “go to” places to eat.   They may not be healthy but they sure do deliver when it comes to taste and long time memories.  Such is the case with Johnnie’s Pastrami. I wish you could smell this. For those of you that currently live near by or lived here during your childhood I know you understand!  And yes, the pickles are still that good!

Next stop….Exposition Park.  Natural History Museum and Ecosystems Habitat and the Coliseum.

                                                                                 Isn’t she just adorable?

I could have stayed all day in the bird section.  Here is a sampling of my favorites.  I thought it was interesting to see the difference in the size between the crow versus the raven.


All right now I am amongst my friends!!

                    Time to see what else lurks around the corner…ah oh…

This is a Triceratop, but you already knew that, right?

Okay, after seeing the “bag of bones”…sorry…we’re off to see the Ecosystems and Kelp Forrest.


A great place for exploring underwater life.


Time to head home, but first a couple of pictures of a famous Los Angeles venue that has seen Olympics, Dodger Baseball, Rams Football and the current home of the USC Trojans.


Note to self…Time to get out more often an explore my city!