Sadness In The Yard

You know, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about my Wild Kingdom.  My love for the wild birds started sometime ago.  Actually, as I reflect back, this feeding habit started after my husband died in 2009.  He wouldn’t have liked the mess that all these birds can cause, mostly sweeping up seeds and peanut shells.  I never really attempted to feed them prior to his passing, maybe he would have been okay with it.

We had cats while the kids were growing up. First came Wilbur, this picture is 33 years old.  Wilbur lived 18 years.

Then came Fred, he too lived 18 years; they were buds as a 2 cat family.  Okay, this is such a disclaimer.  I received a scanner for Christmas. You can only imagine my newest obsession!! While these old pictures are murky, they sure are funny and bring back tons of memories.  Yep, that is a gerbil cage. Yes, those are DVDs and Time Life books.  Then there’s the wire structure my brother made; we called the thinker and FRED sitting on the shelf checking out that cage below!

Then came Thursday, he unfortunately didn’t have a long life and only lived 7 years. That was my old wallpaper, I can see splitting, ahhh memories!

Yes, we gave our cats some weird names. Those of you that have pets can relate, I’m sure.  Thursday, actually adopted us.  His mom lived down the street, her name was Friday, I kid you not!

I have grandcats as well as a grandpug. This is all by saying; I have loved cats for a very long time.  They are beautiful and provide lots of love.  Our cats were also “outside” cats and came in and out the cat door.  We provided a good life for each of them.

Where is this going, you might be wondering.  Well, I’ve been showing you pictures of the neighborhood cats.  They are not mine.  Only one is actually a pet; that’s Simba. The others are feral and just hang around because I think they are being fed by the kids across the street, Fraidy cat for sure.  Not too sure about Fatty cat.

It was just a week ago that I posted the first installment about the cats.  Atten-tion followed by the Saga Continues.

I’m sorry to say, that in talking with a neighbor yesterday, I learned that Simba died just a few days after my posting. They aren’t sure exactly what happened, he was likely hit by a car.  This makes me so sad.  Simba was an outstanding cat, friendly and loving.  All the neighbors knew him and he will be missed.

There is already a new cat that is hanging out in my yard. I have no idea where he came from.  This is the newest one…

I don’t know what to do actually. This goes beyond, the upset with my birds, because what is going to happen with these cats?  I know you look into those eyes and see sadness. Same with Fatty, looks like he’s been crying.

Rest in Peace, Simba