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Thank you, Adrianne Ferree, for joining me on The Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.


Adrianne is the Founder and Executive Director at The Makers Hub, a nonprofit organization. She is also a part of the Polk Institute’s first cohort.  And now she is in Phase 3 of the 66-week Virtual Master Practitioner-driven training.  This phase is where the entrepreneur is actively raising capital to fund their business.

The Makers Hub.

The Makers Hub works with the residents in Compton, CA to provide them with tools, workshops, and space for their community to strengthen and thrive.

“Our Mission is to create a community Makerspace in the Greater Compton Area, with equal access to tools, workshops, technology, and resources to inspire creativity, facilitate lifelong learning, and provide inclusive and equitable opportunities for all.”  A Makerspace is a communal workspace where people can learn, explore their creativity, and make things.

The long-term goal of The Makers Hub is to create replicable models of Makerspace development that can be implemented in other communities, transforming them through the talents of the people who live there.

Their core values include respect, community, passion, inclusivity, collaboration, and integrity.

Compton Tool Library.


In December of 2022, The Makers Hub leased the property for the Compton Tool Library at 2125 W. Compton Blvd. in Compton, California.  They are scheduled to open in the late Summer of 2023!  Adrianne is a hands-on Executive.  Here she is labeling donated tools.

A tool-lending library functions very similarly to a traditional library, but instead of books they provide portable tools for use. The types of tools vary. Such as, traditional hand tools, to more advanced power tools. They will even have ladders and gardening equipment. As a result, the community will work together!


Adrianne’s Takeaways.

In summary, Tool Libraries are a resource that should be everywhere, and The Makers Hub is creating one in Compton CA.  They make tools affordable for all, while also reducing waste, energy, and the harvesting of natural resources.  If you are passionate about something, don’t let NOT KNOWING stop you.   Through team building, making mistakes, and persistence, you can make it.

Adrianne lives by the motto, “There is always another way. Instead of dwelling on something that failed, look at other ways, search for other opportunities, talk to people, and you will find another way. Focus on the end goal, and you will get there.”

In Closing.

Makerspaces come in all shapes and sizes.  They are hidden gems of potential personal and community transformation.

Lastly, listen in to hear about the great work Adrianne and her team are doing to support the Compton Community.


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