Peggy Lanum

Joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on August 1st from 1-2 PT is Peggy Lanum.

Let’s meet Peggy.

To begin with, Peggy is the owner of Better Working Together, LLC. She has a Master of Science degree in Organizational Psychology and is certified in a number of popular and effective assessments.  They are all powerful tools to enable her clients to create and flourish in a better workplace!  She is a certified Human Resource Professional.  Her work is dedicated to the betterment of individuals and organizations.  For example, Peggy uses the latest research in leadership, neuro-science, and positive psychology in her business. In addition to her business, Peggy has written her first book.


Navigating Uncertainty  An A-Z Guide for Well-Being.

Peggy offers an essential, quick reference guide for busy people who want to live well. She introduces 26 topics related to well-being, with resources from over 100 of today’s scientists and thought leaders.  Clever, accessible, and backed by science, her book is an invaluable guide for anyone living in today’s uncertainty.

In her book, she offers tips and tricks to leverage brain science to make your brain work for you rather than against you. She will be sharing examples.  Are there ways to create an abundant life that you love, even during uncertain times?

Maybe your goal is to become a more effective leader and discover the key to finding balance in your personal world.  Or perhaps, you are looking for inspiration for getting “unstuck” in uncertain times.  This book will provide tips to put those goals to work for you.

In closing.

Do you want to know how to cope with difficult circumstances and confidently face the unknown? How can you learn to truly improve your well-being and increase your energy? What should you do when everything feels so out of control and uncertain?

I think we can all relate to being “stuck” sometimes.

Peggy’s book may hold some keys to Navigating Uncertainty in your life.


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