And…Cue Music

I was thinking about my life and the ever changing landscape between my travels and my home time.

What appears to be ever present is my camera.  But, when I’m in my car, it’s the music that moves me, no pun intended.

I don’t know about you, perhaps you use your drive time to enjoy some peace and quiet.  Maybe your commute provides you the opportunity to listen to an audio book or your favorite Sirius or local radio show.  Maybe you use your Bluetooth and talk your way down the road.

Whether your music fills your car from you MP3 device or just your standard radio station, do you find yourself using your steering wheel like your personal drum set?

I’m not suggesting you take your hands off the wheel and just beat away, but any part of your hand can keep time to the beat, right?  And while you are drumming along, are you singing as well?  Then, do you look around to see if anyone is staring at you? That wouldn’t stop me, does it stop you? I’m speaking when you’re stopped, not cruising down the freeway at 70 mph.

I see this process as good for my brain and especially good for my mood.  Who doesn’t enjoy singing We Are The Champions??? Especially since those of us in Los Angeles, just won the Stanley Cup!


I was looking over my music library and realized that some of the music I enjoy now wasn’t music I actually listened to when it was first recorded.  It’s cyclical I think; almost transporting you, oh good grief with the puns!

Surprising to me, my radio is on more than my TV.  Radio does not require attention. On those rare quiet moments in my life, I seem to always hear a song in my head. (Not With A Song In My Heart, from the 1929 movie starring Susan Hayward).  It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night or when I first wake up in the morning, I have some melody playing on my internal turntable.

I enjoyed singing when I was in school.  I wasn’t all that great at it however.  In high school you had to audition for the choir.  You had to be able sight read the music. That was the end of my musical career.  My alto voice came to an abrupt stop.  It’s too bad, but just like anything else, there needs to be standards and I didn’t make the cut. Bitter, who’s bitter?

In my car, no one really cares. Now add some percussion and you’ve got the makings of a one lady band!

Here are examples of songs that just get me “moving” another pun…guess I wasn’t done!!! Here’s the theme…”Run” from my playlist.

You’ll have to check them out if you aren’t familiar.

Runaround Sue…Dion…1961                               Runaway…Del Shannon…1961


Run for Your Life…The Beatles.  What’s funny, the flip side is “Drive My Car” 1965

Made in Italy? Really?

 Run Through The Jungle…Creedence Clearwater Revival…1970

 Run-Around…Blues Traveler…1987    Four Jersey guys

I dare you not to tap your toes or steering wheel!

        Runnin’ Down A Dream…Tom Petty 1989

Anybody notice something these songs have in common beyond “Run” in their titles?

I’m going to have to see what happened to All The Single Ladies 2008…next time.

And just so you know…

Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh