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Can You See Me Now?

Do  you ever want to just bury your head?Or do you prefer a close-up?Is your life in balance?Or are you just all wet?However, you see your day, don’t forget to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Sometimes it’s like a lyric in a song. The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. The answer…

Living in the moment!

I constantly need to remind myself to “live in the moment” do you ever have that problem? I can get so caught up in my to-do lists, that I stop doing some things that mean the most. Like watching this hummingbird and then playing with the framing to bring out some fun. This is will…

It’s Beginning To Look Like Fall

You know fall is here when you take a look around. The leaves are turning on my garage.Nothing says fall better than a pumpkin or two with some gourds for good measure. Or a piping hot bowl of clam chowder and a beer!But for me I know fall is here because of the…Spiders It starts…

Back To School

School is back in session. While the kindergarten children are learning their lessons, there are similarities in nature as well.  Remember your teacher telling your kids to…  Line up. Stand up straight.Not that way!Wipe off your feet before you come into the room.It’s recess, let’s play leap frog! It’s nap time!Class dismissed!

Grab and Go

In the hussle and bussle of my busy life, sometimes I just need to grab my camera and go outside. To see what I can see, much like the bear goes over the mountain. Did that tune come into your head? Feeling lucky!Green HeronCanada Goose on deckLift offTurtleFrog Happy Wednesday everyone!

Peeling Away

Sometimes the metaphors in life can be seen in nature. I believe I have hit a cross road that requires some peeling. Much like these beautiful trees. New bark, new skin. New life, new hope. I’m ready.Sometimes we hit a bump in the road or a burl forms.Time to focus on the bright side of…

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

I’m keeping with my color theme on this Wordless Wednesday. Today brings yellow from my travels around my garden and beyond. It’s amazing how many varieties of flowers and plants are in this one color.Everything in my yard is not a flower. Love this tulip light.Sometimes it’s just a simple weed. I wonder what will…