Diane Jones

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Diane Jones.

Diane is an award winning Children’s book author.  Her series is all about her horse Rudy. Life was not easy as a child for Diane, she was diagnoised with dyselexia at the age of 6. With a loving family, and special education teachers, Diane graduated high school and graduated college cum laude with a marketing degree.

Rudy the Rudster.

Diane’s book series features her real horse who tells the stories. Educational, entertaining, and beautifully illustrated for kids ages 6-11. Her books are available on her website.



Book 1.  Rudy a Big horse with a Big Heart.

Rudy takes readers on a journey through the high’s and low’s as he and Diane begin to work together, learn to trust each other, and eventually develop a deep bond.


Book 2.  Trailers, Pigs and New Friends.

In Rudy 2, Rudy moves to a new stable where he struggles to fit in with a new herd and is bullied.  He reaffirms that he dislikes trailers, learns that pigs are terrifying, and meets a new horse who becomes a good friend.







Book 3. Change Can Be Good.

Rudy encounters many new challenges and changes during his latest adventures. In each case, he is scared about what’s to come, but he ultimately faces each fear with bravery.

Diane’s Takeaways.

Thanks to Rudy, Diane’s nineteen-year-old Thoroughbred, she overcame some of the challenges she faced due to being dyslexic. Dyslexia is the most common learning disability in the world. More than 40 million U.S. adults have this disability, with only 2 million receiving a diagnosis.

Diane educates us about dyslexia and the challenges that people who have it face. She describes how riding her horse led to the stunning revelation that she could play tennis. Sports that required precise hand-eye coordination had been previously impossible for her.

Diane shares her experience to provide hope to parents with children with learning disabilities. She also wants adults affected by dyslexia to realize that they, too, may be able to overcome some of the limitations of this disability.

In Closing.

Diane’s message is one of hope, perseverance, and the importance of cultivating a “never give up” mindset.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about how working with horses can help you or someone you love who has dyslexia.

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