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The Word Today is Reunion

The word today is Reunion. Let’s define Reunion.  According to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary: re·un·ion /rēˈyo͞onyən/ noun A reunion usually refers to a gathering of folks who haven’t seen each other for a long time. High school reunions are notorious for reuniting middle-aged people who are anxious to relive their high school years. Hmm…who are they calling middle-aged folks?!!!…

Meet Charlene Carey & Karen Dial from Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre and Ballet Beyond Borders

Thank you to my guests, Charlene Carey and Karen Dial for joining me on today’s Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. Charlene is the founder of the Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre & School and President of Ballet Beyond Borders.  Joining her today is my neighbor from Westchester, California, Karen Dial.  Karen is the Sponsor and…

Ballet Beyond Borders with Charlene Carey & Karen Dial

It’s time for another episode of the Born to Talk Radio Show Podcast heard live on Monday, July 22nd from 1-2 PT. My guests are Charlene Carey and Karen Dial. Meet Charlene and Karen.     Charlene’s long and vibrant career in ballet and choreography began in 1976 and branched into entertainment and diplomacy.  Charlene founded…