Costa Rica…Nature At Its Best

Welcome back as I continue to share my adventures in Costa Rica. While I certainly appreciated the beautiful birds and sunny days, I wasn’t expecting what else Mother Nature had in store for me.

I was told to be on the lookout for the Howler Monkeys. You can’t miss them when they are hollering at each other. When they’re silent you need to keep looking into the trees to see what you can see.

There is generally a large male monkey when you see them in a group. This guy was big compared to the ladies.  I wonder what he’s thinking about?Maybe his mate and baby!We were told this sweet baby was probably 2 days old. A mother’s love couldn’t be more true when you look at her loving attention.Not all of the animals were hanging in trees, the iguana’s just strolled around like they owned the place whether they were walking around the pool or climbing in the shrubs.One of the most exciting unexpected sightings was the anteater. Have you ever seen one just walking around?Well me either! It’s a tree hugger!  Doesn’t it look like it’s wearing a vest with a zipper?Up it goes.Now, it’s ready for its close up!  I was very happy to oblige him/her.It didn’t matter if it was sunrise… Or sunset…Taken on our last night.What a fantastic trip…and as they say and live… Pura Vida…Pure Life!Don’t forget to check out the Born To Talk Radio show every Monday on from 1-2 PT. April 11th marks my first anniversary show with Author, Illustrator, Educator and Facilitator, Sandra Beckwith as she unlocks the Master Keys for Kids.