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Daniel Bruce Levin, Author of The Mosaic

Thanks to my guest, Daniel Bruce Levin, for joining me today on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. It was an illuminating show on many levels, both professionally and personally. 

Kindness and compassionate listening and hope were definite keywords that he used as we discussed what his book The Mosaic is all about. Imagine seeing what you don’t see? Think about that for a moment.  In his book, he emphasizes the value of the “space between the words.” His website can provide you with how to order the book as well as much more information we spoke about today.

This show was filled with stories and lessons.  Daniel speaks about 4 principles of connections. “Practice One connects us to Self. Practice Two connects us to Source.  Practice Three connects us to Purpose. Practice Four connects us to Others. When kind, vulnerable, purposeful people come together, Connected Intelligence is created, and suddenly we find solutions to things that were impossible to discover when we were disconnected.”

You will hear the word “silos” referred to as the walls we build around ourselves that keep us disconnected. This show is an enlightening journey of self-discovery. 

The Mosaic Change Formula 

“Our thoughts become our words. Our words become our stories. Our stories become our lives.
To change any part of this equation, change any part of the equation and everything changes.”

Can You Be Kind to Yourself for 21 Consecutive Days?

He suggests we all start by being kind to ourselves. Check out his The BeKind2U Challenge. What a great reminder. 

What can we learn?

There is a takeaway from this show. He explains what most of us know, but may never really think about including the importance of love, acceptance and being heard without judgment.

I truly hope you enjoy our conversation and the stories he shares as much as I did.

What’s Your Story?

Conversations + Connections = Community

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