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Daniel Bruce Levin, Author of The Mosaic

Join me on Monday, March 11th  from 1-2 PT on the Born To Talk Radio Show with my special guest, Author Daniel Bruce Levin.
Daniel is a storyteller.  



An Extraordinary Tale of The Absolutely Ordinary. 

The Mosaic is a story that will touch the heart and soul of anyone who has ever experienced loss or felt alone and disconnected. It is a story of hope and of seeing a world you never saw before.  It is, a story of connection and in one way or another, it is the story of all of us.   It is a fable about how to reconnect in a life that has experienced disconnection.  It is about seeing what we do not see and listening to those that no one listens to.   


The Mosaic Solution.
The Problem.
“In the most connected time, the world has ever known, we have become divided. To find strength, we have taken refuge in the silos of the people who think like us. And though we feel safe with people of like mind and our voices have become more powerful, the problem is there are very few people listening. Everyone has found their silo and the gaps between our silos are getting wider and deeper. We seem to have become more concerned with our silo being right, than in solving the problems in front of us.”
“What happened to our ability to listen to each other?  We have started to speak with anger and listen with judgment. More and more we see verbal attacks on people who disagree with us. They are increasing. The common ground appears to be diminishing and the absence of trust just keeps growing.”
“The changes needed to require innovation. Innovation demands that we listen to each other and take risks, but our lack of trust in each other diminishes the amount of risk we are willing to take. And all the while, innovation is being replaced by mediocrity and fear of thinking outside the lines.”
What is the Solution?

“The connection is our solution. We need people of like and unlike minds to come together and listen to each other. To find new ways to see the same thing and in this new seeing, perhaps the impossible will suddenly become possible.”

Tune in to this intriguing show to learn more about the importance of The Mosaic Method.

“Speak without Anger. Listen without judgment.”

Conversations + Connections = Community

What’s Your Story?

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