Dave Klugh

Thank you, Dave Klugh, Exec. VP of Operations and Training at MicroNuclear, LLC. for joining me today on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.  MicroNucler is an organization focused on applying creative engineering experience with state-of-the-art tools to provide clean energy to the US and the world.

To start with, Dave has an extensive background in Nuclear Plant Operations.  He is a U.S. Navy veteran and served on active duty for 22 years. He is a graduate of the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power School and the University of Washington (B.S. Geological Oceanography).

Dave will be explaining the technology of the Molten Sea Nuclear Battery (MsNB).

Molten Sea Nuclear Battery.  MsNB.

In the first place, the MsNB uses natural circulation to move the molten salt fuel through the reactor core and is thus designed without the need for pumps, valves, or coolant loops. Hence, the elimination of each of these component requirements enhances safety and reliability.  Therefore, it reduces cost.

The MsNB is referred to as a battery because it is manufactured in a factory, and transported to the site. Then it is installed, and at the end of its 10-year life, is simply replaced with a new MsNB. Also, it can be installed in critical infrastructure such as municipal buildings, hospitals, and military bases. It is ideal for industrial applications, desalination facilities, hydrogen production, and remote villages. The good news, the MsNB is designed to provide reliable and sustained energy, securing the absolute requirement of an uninterrupted supply of energy.

Dave’s Takeaways.

“The need for a long-term, sustainable energy plan is inarguable. There is no other path to a green, emission-free, feasible, and proven scientific solution besides Nuclear.”

“We have learned the Molten Salt Nuclear Battery can logically and scientifically overcome preconceived objections and bring us the energy solution we need. We have learned that MicroNuclear has designed the MsNB to recycle nuclear fuel, essentially nullify the nuclear waste disposal issue, be economical, be near-term available, and most importantly, be safe…Walk Away Safe.”

In Closing.

This podcast is full of information about our future energy needs. Including, what problems the MsNB can solve and whether it will it replace major nuclear plants. Lastly, what do you know about nuclear energy?

Tune in to hear more.

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