Devon Blaine

I’m excited to start Season 4 of the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, with my guest Devon Blaine, President/CEO of The Blaine Group.

The Blaine Group.

The Blaine Group is a total communications agency.  They implement consumer, trade, and financial public and investor relations. Their advertising efforts provides marketing strategy, based on conducting market research, for a diverse range of companies and organizations. Other services include creating and managing special events and fundraisers directed community relations projects.


In addition, The Blaine Group provides a variety of special communications services to its clients. These include managing crisis situations.  Conceiving and coordinating seminars and press conferences.  Event and party planning. Developing master plans and collateral materials.  Also included in their services are proposal, article, letter, and speech writing.  They conduct surveys and publish newsletters and brochures. Not only do they create, but they also implement.

Devon shared her experiences about what all of her wide range of businesses share in common.  “They are exceedingly passionate.” As you listen to her speak, it will become clear, that she too is very passionate about what she does and why.

Client base.

Her client base encompasses a wide range of businesses and industries. As an example, she has a particular emphasis on business-to-business communications, publicly-held companies, technology-based businesses, the medical and healthcare fields, environmental-related firms. Consumer products, publishing, fashion and beauty.  Continuing education, non-profit organizations, and trade associations, and the world of show business.


As a result of her many experiences in life, Devon describes herself as a risk-taker. This includes her dream to learn to fly! When I asked her how she finds time to balance, she gave me an answer that no one else has ever said.  “I don’t believe in balance.” She keeps her eyes focused on the vision and mission of her business and accomplishments.

In closing, Devon loves to learn and is a “good listener.”  I can’t think of better attributes than understanding what her clients need and want, sometimes two different things, in order to have winning results!

I’ve enjoyed working with Devon for the past 2 years and look forward to continuing this relationship with her clients this year. It’s a promising way to start the new year!

 I can’t wait to see who she will be connecting me with for another great conversation!

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