Eve Banuelos

Thank you, Eve Bañuelos for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.


Eve also known as Evie, is the Founder and President of Pups Without Borders.  Pups Without Borders is a 501(c)(3) dog rescue that rescues pups of all ages, with an emphasis on rescuing pregnant moms, nursing litters, and sick or injured puppies in poverty-stricken communities.

Pups Without Borders.

How it started. Evie had always wanted to foster a pregnant dog and help her give birth. So she found the most pathetic pregnant dog she could and brought her home. She named her Storm, and all her puppies got names after X-men characters. Evie totally fell in love with her to the point that she almost kept her. But they did eventually find her and all the puppies’ amazing homes.

Since its founding, Pups Without Borders has dedicated itself to creating a large, diverse, and supportive rescue family. What began as the commitment of our founder to help dogs from her own home has quickly expanded to include a full board, numerous part-time and full-time employees, as well as a growing network of fosters, volunteers, and adopters.

They are a small but steadfast rescue working to find and help dogs get out of traumatic or dangerous situations. With the help and generosity of their rescue family, they have been able to rescue over 4,000 dogs and get them into homes where they can receive the attention and affection they so desperately deserve.

As the rescue continues to grow, they are opening partnership opportunities within the community so their rescue family can expand even further. These partnerships will allow them to care for even more pups in a robust new facility, and help them meet loving families who would like to be a part of the Pups Without Borders family.

Evie’s Takeaways.

“We have the misfortune to be living through the worst pet overpopulation crisis this country has ever seen. Covid was so helpful for dogs at the beginning, but no one could have predicted that the boom of adoptions and fosters, would turn into a bust that resulted in the euthanasia of thousands and thousands of sweet and adoptable animals. We can all do our part by adopting, encouraging everyone we know to adopt, spaying and neutering, volunteering, and donating to your local rescue. We may not be able to help every dog, but we can change the world for each dog we save.”

Thank you, Evie.  You are certainly making a difference!

Check out their website if you would like to adopt.

You will also see volunteer & foster opportunities.

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