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Finishing Up Fall in New Hampshire Part 1

It’s hard for me to believe that just 6 short weeks ago, I was appreciating all of the fall colors and now that same place had more than a foot of snow yesterday; just in time for Thanksgiving.  What a difference it makes when you live in a 4 season city!  I can only relate from a distance.

My bougainnvillea is still blooming!

I had a nice time walking with my friend Peter in a couple of places that he is very familiar with; this is his home turf.  I need to remember, that venturing out with Peter always involves a little hike. Much like last year, I was deliberately wearing shoes that were more “water proof” then a pair of Converse All-Stars. So here I was, in the same shoes when I was skipping over boulders and had to take my shoes off, so I wouldn’t break my neck! This was then:

Same shoes, I’m not kidding, these are NOT hiking or even walking shoes if you are on a path somewhere. Wonder if I will keep this mind next year?

First stop:

It’s so raw and quiet. Everywhere you look, there is a photo opp. I keep hearing Kodak moment in my ear. Here are some of my favorites in this location.

Next stop:

This isn’t a clear picture of Cow Cave, but I wanted you to see what it looked like, that’s Peter!

While I keep my eyes focused on the entire landscape, I am constantly looking down.  It was slippery and there was that whole shoe issue!  Good thing, otherwise I may have missed this frog!!

On to Sandwich and the Pothole Swimming Area.

Honestly, each careful step was more dazzling than the next.

It’s no wonder I return each year for these sights!

But now, after driving for a while and walking for a while, what is the natural thing to do?  Let’s eat!!

Yes, that’s lobster Mac n cheese at Canoe Restaurant & Tavern in Center Harbor.

One more stop.  We visited our friends Jill and Bill Weed at their store, The Edge. What a fun place to shop. Their property is so lovely and they have chickens and roosters!!

Check the coop!

Thanks Peter, this was an excellent day!

Come back again for more New Hampshire adventures!