Hanging With Wilda and Al

Can you ever have too many friends?  I didn’t think so either. I have friends from all over the country and world actually. It’s remarkable, especially since I’ve lived in the same community with a little detour before and after I got married.

New Hampshire, specifically the area of Newfound Lake, where my friends own an Inn, is a second home for me.  While I’m there, I’m able to not only enjoy the scenery regardless of the season, but also to establish and maintain wonderful friendships.

Imagine living on 382 acres! Imagine building a compound that provides each of your four kids a place to get away with their own cabins for their families.  Imagine living in a home that feels like a lodge, where you can look out your loft window from your bed and see this…

Or have this custom stained glass window over your bed…

Or look down over the railing to view the massive fireplace. Al knows how to build a home.

I can’t begin to describe how special this is. The reclaimed wood, stones from the property, attention to peace and tranquility with modern kitchen comforts is just the beginning. Wilda brings her Louisiana background to entertain in Cajon fashion, she’s spicy just like her food.  It’s all about family. No TV’s, telescopes instead.  Sit and visit; play a game or just relax with a good book and a glass of wine.

Love these repurposed skis!

If you have an adventurous spirit, and they do, you get yourself some vehicles that can drive on the unpaved trails to see the natural beauty and perhaps do some hunting. I’m such a city girl, so that just always makes me grimace a little.

Let’s get stated in the Mule…

You bet, I wore my seatbelt…The road is bumpy; the last thing we needed was me falling out. Now, typically, I don’t post pictures of myself in these blogs, but if you know anything about me, you know, I am a “Passenger,” not a “Driver.” So, this should crack you up! Thanks Larry for taking the pictures!!

Not typical!

Don’t I look happy? That part is typical.

Should I be worried about that giant boulder?  No, you don’t think for one minute the engine is on, do you? Let’s check out the sights!

There’s something for everybody!  Remember there are 382 acres; these signs are not near each other!

Talk about some rugged trails.

Family cabins

Majestic trees with Newfound Lake in the distance…


Poop…Okay, how many Moose do you think I see in Los Angeles? All you worldy people may know what this is called, well, I sure didn’t…it’s SCAT…and here you go, because I am here to inform, turn your head if you don’t want to look!!!

Are you back?

Each tree picture was prettier than then the next. Thanks so much for making this city girl feel at home!

Your large family (minus 3) is a shining example of your big hearted love of life!

Thanks to Wilda and Al for their generosity in letting me share their family with you.  Two months later!