From LA LA Land to Vegas

It has been a while since I posted a travel blog. Today you can follow my short trip to Las Vegas with my girlfriends.  In just 46 minutes from Los Angeles, you can be in the city that never sleeps.Oh we ate! I seemed to be on the French Fries diet, with the exception of this Mac n Cheese, they were out of fries, can you believe it?  The sandwich, a BBBLT, probably had a half a pound of bacon. Yes, I do love salt! I’m sure it isn’t a mutual affair.The high roller can be seen from a distance as the sun is setting and the wheel lights up. We didn’t make it there this time, but we did last year. It’s really worth riding.We did some different things on this trip, including the visit to the Neon Boneyard Museum. This is a really great guided tour of what was; from neon to lights from the many hotels along the strip and downtown.  These signs have been carefully stored, not restored, but set in a way you can appreciate the history of the glam and glitter of this sparkly city. This is from the Golden Nugget.This “head shot” is from Treasure Island, lying on his side. The funny thing, I didn’t realize until I saw my photo that it appears that something is coming out of his mouth.This is what that sign was from part of the Stardust, so colorful!It was just ducky!  Tons of fun!We had such a good time. I’ll have to share more about what we did another time. But now it’s time to come home after I’ve been “over salted” along with eating too many cookies made by the incredible baker, of our group Mary Mac. Shopping, hanging out, planning our Fall Fantastic Trip to New England was part of the fun. Thanks to Lee and Larry for their generous hospitality as always and my very great and funny Scorpio sister, Shari, for always providing us our entertainment; she was also the big “winner” on the slots!

The sky was full of billowy clouds as we head on home to LA LA Land.Touchdown.  Flaps up!

See ya next time as the adventures continue!