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Thank you, Gloria Hass, for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.   Gloria is an award Winning Best Selling Author. Healer. Health Blogger. Host: Life of a Visionary Podcast.

What’s new for Gloria?

Healthy Life Blog.

Introducing, Gloria’s new Healthy Life Blog.  As you visit her new website, scroll through to see her posts.


One that caught my attention was Supernatural Healing of Two Horses.  She mentions that she has always had an infinity for horses and when she was around them, she felt in spirit with them.  Her communication was telepathically as well as out loud.




Check out some of Gloria’s interesting articles and information on this link.  She has 11 episodes of Life of a Visionary. Are you familiar with the term, Remote Viewer? She shares her skills about that.


The Healing Conference will be free on Zoom on October 14th.  Contact Gloria directly at if you are interested in attending.

Gloria’s Takeaways.

“Everyone’s health, including the bully, is affected by other people’s toxic behavior. I firmly believe that showing kindness can help heal people emotionally which will affect them in a positive way physically and mentally. Let’s spread kindness to everyone regardless of their physical appearance and what they believe.”

In closing.

Some of my favorite Gloria Twitter quotes:  “Make time to let your heart and spirit run fast and free, so you don’t forget how it feels. Stay true to who you are.” “Let’s heal ourselves mentally and physically so we can play our part in the healing of the world.” “Remember to be kind to yourself. Self-love is important. Without it – you’ll feel like you don’t have value. Embrace the fact you have value!”


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