Hockey at Dodger Stadium

How lucky can I be?  I had the opportunity to enjoy outdoor professional hockey at Dodger Stadium.  I’ve been a Dodger season ticket holder with 3 other families since 1986, but that is story for another day.

I hope my pictures tell you the story of what the night was like in the City of Angels!

It started in the parking lot. As it turned out, being under the “8 ball” was a sign of things to come for the Los Angeles Kings.

Yes, we do have a great skyline.

As we filed into the stadium, everyone stopped to capture our stunning sunset.

Now it’s time to get this party going! We were first struck by the infield, then the left field and then right field, where my seats were located. KISS, really? They need to retire those boots!! Enough said.

The teams are warming up and stretching, let’s all try that stretch, minus the skates! Anticipation is mounting for great one, Wayne Gretzky to drop the ceremonial puck.

Then came the genuine magical moment!  Dodger Hall of Fame Broadcaster, of 65 years, Vin Scully said, “And now it’s time for NHL Hockey” The place went wild! Also sharing the spotlight was Kings Broadcast Hall of Fame announcer of 41 years, Bob Miller.

Unfortunately, the Kings lost 3-0.  But, a great time was had by all.

In closing, don’t you think this looks like me?  Yikes, I wonder if I have a camera like this in my future.  I don’t suppose this works like a point and shoot, probably not.