Tara Lynn Townes

Thank you Tara Lynn Townes for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. 

Tara Lynn is the CEO & Founder at The Bullying Buddy Consulting. She is also the President of the Tiny Be Mighty, non-profit.  Tara Lynn has also authored a book, Tiny But Mighty. Her new book to be released in the next couple of weeks is Are You Raising A Bully?

Tara Lynn.

When Tara Lynn’s son Corey was diagnosed with a condition known as Achondroplasia, or “Dwarfism” that started a cause to raise awareness about dwarfism and to offer a resolution for bullying.  Tara Lynn has over  20 years of experience with a Masters in Family and Human Development, working with women children, and families. She is passionate about being a positive example of love and acceptance to all mankind.

Bullying can happen anywhere, including school, work, home, activities, and even among friends. It can be physical, verbal, relational, sexual, cyber, emotional, or racial.  The facts are grim, and Tara Lynn along with her team from The Bullying Buddy and Tiny Be Mighty are out to make a difference.

The Bullying Buddy App.

Tara Lynn invented the Bullying Buddy App as a resolution to bullying!  This app not only allows users to report but also collects data in real time with video and pictures. Other features include chat rooms, sends instant text alerts and cyber bullying, and mental health support.

Coming soon is a brand new app.  StompKeeping the current emerging safety hazards for adults in mind, this mobile app helps individuals send signals when they’re in potential danger.

Tara Lynn’s Takeaways.

“The listeners will learn about the negative effects of bullying, details about the psychology behind bullying, and the resolution. Moreover, they will feel empowered by their new found knowledge. And, learn that having knowledge is power but having a clear understanding of the information gained is powerful!!”

Please join us to hear about the difference Tara is making for so many!


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