How Bazaar!

A bazaar is a large market place selling miscellaneous goods.  In this case, The Grand Bazaar is the granddaddy of them all.  Founded in 1461, with a network of 61 covered streets enclosing 3,305,000 sq ft, the bazaar is home to over 4,500 shops.  As many as 400,000 shoppers, both local and around the world, frequent the bazaar each day; in the world’s oldest covered market place.

Come on inside for a quick view of some of the sights. Check these out…How about some cheese and olives?Beyond all the food offerings…Of course, no trip to the bazaar would be complete without a purchase.  Meet my new best friend, Burhan Durgijt.  I had to buy a couple of pillow covers.All this walking around can make anybody hungry and thirsty.  As we are heading out, I had to take a photo of this lady, it’s a bazaar after all.  How bazaar!Up next, food, cats and birds, oh my!