Welcome To Izmir, Turkey

There are so many things I will be sharing along this journey.  Today, it won’t be the ruins and countryside, because it’s lunchtime after we arrived in Izmir.Here is what we had…Starting with this fabulous lentil soup.Salad.Chicken kebab and lamb patty.Refreshing oranges for dessert.After lunch we had the opportunity to stroll along the grounds of the restaurant. The cat brigade continues. There is a rooster and chickens on this free range property.There aren’t just city cats, but dogs as well.  For the most part none of them are family pets; with the exception of this bus greeter!And here is his twin from another mother.It’s nap time for some of the “locals.”I’ll leave you with this sweet bird, to be named at a later date!Up next, The Ancient City of Ephesus; nearly 5,000 years old.