Laura Patterson

Laura Patterson is joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on October 17th, 1-2 PT.

Meet Laura.

To begin with, Laura is the Co-Founder and President of VisionEdge Marketing.  She is recognized as one of the pioneers and authorities in the Marketing Performance Management (MPM) discipline. In short, her company specializes in helping companies apply data, metrics, and proven best-in-class practices. Doing so, helps companies improve Marketing effectiveness, deliver business impact, and enable better business decision-making.

Laura is frequently asked to speak and facilitate workshops for educational institutions, associations, and company meetings.   Martech Executors selected Laura as one of the top 50 women in marketing technology. According to the Sales Lead Management Association, Laura is honored to be among the Top 20 Women in Business.

Laura is also a Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Influencer, and Growth Strategy Expert. Her latest book is”Fast-Track Your Business.”

VisionEdge Marketing.

VisionEdge Marketing was founded in 1999. They have trusted experts that bring processes, methodologies, and best practices designed to help you achieve your growth goals faster and with greater confidence.  Their purpose, simply stated, is to help their customers use data, analytics, process, and measurement to accelerate growth. In addition to, creating customer value, and improving performance.

Fast-Track Your Business.

In Fast-Track Your Business, Laura offers step-by-step guidance for acquiring customer insights, creating customer-centric outcomes, and developing strategies and measurable executable plans. Fast-Track Your Business provides a customer-centric framework for choosing and navigating a sustainable path forward. A system that creates momentum and accelerates organic market growth.

Lastly, growth doesn’t just occur. Instead, it takes the right culture, processes, and discipline. Most importantly, growth takes intent and deliberate, focused action. Growth results from solving customer problems at the right time with the right solution with a story that resonates with the market.

In Closing.

If you are a business owner looking to grow your business, this podcast is for you.  Together with Laura’s vast experience, this may be just what you need to explore some new strategies for success.  She provides the tools to make it happen.

Tune in to the podcast to learn more.


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