Let My Pictures Do The Talking

Do you remember the ad from long ago, before cell phones and Google, “Let your fingers do the walking?”  It was an ad for the Yellow Pages, how else would you find a phone number for the local pizza joint?

Since, Born To Talk is my moniker, I’ve taken the spoken word and translated it to the written word through these blogs. I must say, the volume is much lower. Although, I do read these out loud to myself, but that’s for another day’s discussion.

When I read other people’s blogs, most contain more words to pictures.  It seems as though I let my pictures, do the talking.  That works okay for me. It’s an extension of the creative side of my life, which frankly, I didn’t even know I had this interest.

Just like the show back in the day “Have Gun, Will Travel”, I loved that show, anyway, I am Have Camera, Will Travel.  

I don’t really live a complicated life compared to others.  I don’t need permission to do what I do, the clock is in command and I do have to acquiesce. (Don’t ya just love Siri??, She aims to please!)  If I could control the clock, I would add 3 hours in the morning between 7-10 or just stop the clock for 3 hours.  But no, that isn’t going to happen.

Because I can easily distract myself, writing and then clicking on FB to see what’s going on and then over to Twitter to stay on top of all things current, then the ever dinging emails, it’s a wonder I ever get these blogs written.

But, as I said at the top of the hour, about letting my pictures do the talking, it’s time to quiet the words for a moment and share the continuous adventure at the Inn on Newfound Lake through my pictures.

The morning starts out glorious after some light rain showers.

I could do an entire blog on, “Gee the lake looks so magnificent”. It’s true.  Here are some examples:

It doesn’t matter which way I look, reflection is the name of the game!

Very early in the morning, I’m lucky to catch the full moon setting. How can one sleep, when there is so much to appreciate?  It’s always my goal to get the full moon shadow in the lake. Probably missed the best reflection by 10 minutes.

But you get the picture!

While I may have missed the reflecting moon, it sure didn’t get in the way of enjoying the ducks on parade!

They were just ducky, and I couldn’t help myself, like taking pictures of the “grandkids” they’re so precious, just doing their own thing!

Let me just close this edition with this seagull…he’s getting me ready for next time!

Stay tuned for more adventures at My Happy Place!