Stephanie Sampson

Join me for another episode of the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on Monday, December 7th, 1-2 PT.  My guest this week is Stephanie Sampson, Director of Communications LAX Landside Access Modernization Program.

Meet Stephanie.

Stephanie oversees all aspects of communications and community outreach for the $5.5 billion Landside Access Modernization Program which includes an Automated People Mover train system, Intermodal Transportation Facilities, a Consolidated Rent-A-Car facility, and roadway improvements. In this role, Stephanie manages the day-to-day communication efforts, working closely with the developer teams, to ensure stakeholders and community members receive updates on the projects and impacts during construction.

What are their current projects?

Stephanie will be sharing that information with us.  Let’s start with the Landside Access Modernization Program known as LAMP.


The Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), aims to relieve congestion for people traveling to and from the third busiest airport in the world and second busiest in the U.S.

Through its various congestion-relieving elements, the LAMP is expected to enhance the traveler experience and give customers time-certain access to terminals. To accomplish all this, there are four main components. The Automated People Mover, Intermodal Transporation Facilities, Consolidated Rent-A-Car facility, and roadway improvements.  The goal is to provide a more predictable and reliable commute to and from the airport By doing so, saving time and improving the overall user experience.  Here is a quick overview of what to expect in the coming few years:

Automated People Mover.

The Automated People Mover (APM) is an electric train system on a 2.25-mile elevated guideway with six stations total – three inside the Central Terminal Area (CTA) and three Outside.  Construction began in 2019 and anticipates that the system will be operational in 2023.

Consolidated Rent-A-Car  ConRac.

The Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) facility is one of the major components of  LAMP.  The ConRAC facility will provide a direct connection to LAX’s Automated People Mover (APM) train system. With this direct connection, rental car shuttles will no longer be needed to shuttle customers to and from the Central Terminal Area (CTA), which will result in the elimination of more than 3,200 daily rental car shuttle trips on the surrounding streets and into and out of the CTA.

Intermodal Transportation Facility-West.

The Intermodal Transportation Facility – West (ITF-West) is LAX’s new approximately 4,300 stall parking structure.  Once completed, it will be more than just a parking structure – it will be the new front door to LAX – with an express link to the terminal area via the Automated People Mover (APM) train, which will open in 2023.

In conclusion, we will be talking about the work LAX is doing to ensure you can travel safely during the global pandemic.

Tune in to hear all about the exciting details happening at LAX, right in my own backyard!

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