Steve DeBenedetti-Emanuel Marriage & Family Therapist

On this episode of the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, my friend Steve DeBenedetti-Emanuel shared his experiences as a Marriage & Family Therapist. His business, River City Counseling continues to provide the necessary services with the people that come into his office.  Given today’s circumstances,  Steve can remotely work via Teletherapy. The needs have not gone away if anything they have changed because of the anxiety many are currently feeling.

Key Points.

Steve described the times we are living in as Situational.  Anxiety and depression are not new conditions, what has changed during this time of isolation is the situation the Cornovirus has had on our mental health.


As families, this is a good time to appreciate together time. Board games, puzzles and reading together are fun for parents and kids alike.  We chuckled about the games I played with my kids and how many are still the popular games he plays with his son. Maybe this is a great time for cooking together. Teens may want to connect by texting with their friends. Many are bored, according to Steve. How can we engage them? Maybe a new hobby is right around the corner. Our children are watching us, reassuring them that you are there for them, helps to reduce the anxiety. And in turn, this makes them feel safe.

If you’re like me, I don’t have kids in my house. What types of activities can I consider? Is time to ramp up some learning skills? If you haven’t taken advantage of new technology, now is a perfect time.  Steve mentioned, doing his remote calls on Zoom. I have learned this technology and I’m able to connect with my family that doesn’t live in my state. That’s comforting.

What about those house chores, you’ve put off?  There hasn’t been a better time for Spring Cleaning than now!


Now more than ever, acts of service are a win-win.  Steve shared a story about his neighbor. What are some of the needs in your community? Many have volunteered, making calls, running errands, just picking up the phone to make that check-in call can brighten someone’s day and return it brightens yours.


Many of us strive for rituals or daily habits. This is not a one size fits all time. Maybe your ritual includes meditation and yoga. How about starting your day singing or painting or gardening.  Keeping our feelings under control isn’t easy. For some, journal writing hits the spot. Maybe you are at a loss for words.  That’s okay too. Free will, choose the rituals that work well for you, but if you are struggling, you don’t have to do it alone.  That’s where Steve comes in.


Here’s the good news.  Steve is easily accessible. Starting with his Website.   You can subscribe to his blog there, too.  He also has a twitter page, @rivercitysteve

Don’t be afraid to find help if you or someone you know is struggling. The key is to reach out. I’m grateful Steve shared his giving, loving soul with me today. Stay safe, stay well!

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