CJ Moebius

Thank you CJ Moebius for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.

CJ Moebius.

CJ is the Founder of BluOx Enterprises, Inc. and a Managing Partner at J. Galt Finance. 



CJ’s Takeaways.

“From the perspective of the entrepreneur, everything comes back to solving problems, building products, testing-learning-failing forward, iterating as much as possible, and maintaining a positive cash flow [while having some form of equity]

From the standpoint of life, and what we are doing here with the limited time we have on this planet, and how actually small we are, here are a few takeaways from his story and how they may pertain to the inspiration and/or contribute to the ‘learnings’ to other individuals.”

Consider these suggestions from CJ:

  • Take risks, big ones! It’s never too late to start something new.
  • Try not to live in the past, much range and unhappiness comes from comparing things from our past to our present.
  • Don’t create to-do lists, instead create time blocks and buckets to accomplish a goal or task, I’ve found it to be much more effective.
  • Create a fit body through disciplined actions; a healthy body is earned not given!
  • Create healthy intake habits by building discipline in what you eat and drink [it’s all connected]
  • Find your work mission: seek a mission that is worthy of your attention and that helps others in some way; do well by doing good.

In Closing.

  • Create value: there’s something unique inside every one of us that only we can give to the world; use that gift to create value for others.

Thank you, CJ for sharing your stories and words of wisdom with us.

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