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Eyes Wide Open

I start my day during the week fairly early compared to many. While I am retired, and can choose my own time schedule, my friends Shari and Mary also get up at what we affectionately call “the butt crack” of dawn. It’s been twenty five years of this 6:00 am call to action. We joke…

Ever Held a Hummingbird?

What is it about hummingbirds that get our attention? Is it that unique buzzing sound, known as a “wing whistle?” Or is it the magnificent color on their throat or back? Maybe it is how fast they fly as the dance with their other hummingbird friends. Whatever it is, they do fascinate me. I remember…

Born To Talk…The Beginning

Born to Talk describes me perfectly. I love nothing better than meeting new people wherever I go. It could be in a foreign country and equally exciting, standing next to someone in line at the market. I am the one that will smile at you and say hello. If you are wearing something that identifies…