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Listen…Do You Wanna Know A Secret?

Sometimes the birds just seem to tell a story by their actions. I know these crows are doing just that. It was fun to watch the one on the right follow his friend on the power line.I think they were having an argument.Now it appears they are on the same page.They really are the smartest of my bird visitors and the loudest, but they are not the only variety that stops by. Just in the last week check out some of my other friends!

The powerful Cooper’s hawk, until the crows see him. Then the crows send him packing! From the large and mighty to the petite and beautiful, finch.And where would my yard be without a squirrel or two, or three or four!!While this is all going on on my patio area, the fountain in my backyard continues to draw the hummingbirds every morning for their drink and bath time. Check out his tongue!!!The finch also enjoys a place to bathe.  I’m so fortunate to see these sights!!Can’t forget the scrub jay. I rarely see him doing this; it was exciting to capture this.And finally… just to keep everyone on their toes, the feral Fraidy Cat; yep I feed him too but not in the backyard.  Guess it doesn’t stop him from parking under the feed table!Just another day in paradise…Come back next time, there’s always something going on in my life!!