Batista Gremaud

Joining me for the first Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast in 2023 on January 2nd, from 1-2, is Batista Gremaud.

Meet Batista.

To begin with, Batista was a professional dancer. During her career, she suffered many injuries. For over 3 decades, she had tried everything she could to get well. When she met Stephen Hercy and learned about his philosophy for women and strength training, she was fascinated and hired him to work with her. In a very short time, all her injuries healed. Consequently, she spent the next decade researching his protocol and learning everything about it. Later, she married him. Now she is the CEO and President of Dr Fitness International, an International Body Designer. She is an Empowerment Speaker, Freelance Writer, and Health Influencer.  Batista is multilingual speaking English, French, and Spanish.

Dr Fitness International.

Check out her website.

Their areas of expertise include:

Physical Fitness



Disease of aging

Integrating Mental Health Wellness

Motivational Behavior Change.

Their mission:  “To continuously offer you the world’s most effective body sculpting workout possible. Building up your strength every time. And,  proving that each past limit is only an illusion.”



Batista is the Number 1 Best Selling author of “Feminine Body Design, Empowering Fitness for a Pain-Free Life”, and co-creator of the Feminine Body Design online prescription strength training system.  n her book she “debunks some of the most popular exercise myths. It offers a holistic and revolutionary approach in the field of women’s fitness and is a must-read for every woman seeking to achieve optimum health. It is geared specifically toward women’s health and those suffering from endometriosis, and the men who love them.”




In Closing.

Many of us look to the New Year to make lifestyle changes, whether it’s what you eat, how long you sleep, and if you exercise regularly, this podcast is designed to motivate you. In addition, Batista will be sharing some common fitness myths and also her 5 self-care practices.

Tune in to her story.


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