Bruce Barnet & Gary Rotman

Thank you Bruce Barnet & Gary Rotman for joining me today on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. They are the co-founders of SiMPL Technology.

Bruce and Gary.


It was a pleasure to have a conversation with Bruce and Gary, who incidentally have only met twice.  However, they have collaborated to bring new products available on their website that will make the lives of people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory loss, along with their caregivers so much easier.

Some of these products had never been produced before.  Their personal background helped them appreciate the need for “care recipients” a term they use to describe the people that have these needs.  And, simple is precisely what makes their products unique.

Simpl Technology.


They have taken the confusion and expense out of some technology-oriented products. Their mantra is “No internet, no wires, no Bluetooth, and no fuss.”  Their hassle-free products can be used in medication safety, wandering, and communication. They can also relieve caregiver burnout and allow the care recipient to live a more dignified, independent life longer at home or in a memory care facility.


Their Products.

When any manufacture sets up to sell a product, the first thought is who is the customer and how can the product make a difference in the life of the consumer. Their products do just that.  How many of us know aging family members that may still be living at home, but have memory issues?  Add to that, how many of us are the caregivers for that loved one?

This is where their products tell the story.  I’m going to highlight a couple of them.  Here is their brochure as well.


Let’s start with Reminder Rosie.2 this wonderful clock, can not only state the day, time, and date, but it acts as a personal assistant. This is easy to set up. It can record up to 25  reminders or messages in a familiar voice in 5 languages. There is no WiFi and no fees. It’s voice-activated and plugs into any outlet where the user spends most of their time. Also, recognizing that hearing may play a part, there are 3 levels of sound.  There are also brightness levels as well.





The Lift Touch Player

How often have we heard the importance of music for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia?  This is Player is pre-loaded with dozens of American Classics, or you can add your
own songs to the Player. All they have to do is lift the handle.


In closing.

Our mind is a miraculous tool. As we age, sometimes the sharpness begins to become dull.  Perhaps you know someone that could benefit from these helpful tools to keep themselves safe and also provide the caregiver tools to reduce their stress.

Thank you, Bruce and Gary, you are changing lives!

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