Heather Hansen

Join me for another episode of the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. My guest on Monday, October 26th from 1-2 PT is Children’s Book author, Heather Hansen.

Let’s Meet Heather.

Heather is a wife and a mama to two adorable children. Elizabeth and George.

Heather was a preschool teacher for several years, now she is homeschooling her kids while she works on getting her credentials to be an elementary school teacher. She lives in a small country town where she loves to write her children’s books. When she isn’t writing she is with her many pets or out in nature as much as she can be. She gets most of her inspiration from animals she sees and from her children.

Author, Heather Hansen.

No Ants Please.

 Just looking at the cover, makes you want to open it up. What does No Ants Please mean?

Enter the “star” of the book. Benny the Ostrich.

Look closely, there are ants on that mound! Benny the Ostrich is determined to find a food that is tastier than his usual meal of grass, so he decided to ask other animals what they like to eat. Will this curious little Ostrich find a new favorite dish, or will he get more than he bargained for?

Join Benny as he travels the wilds of Africa, encountering new animals, and learning about what their favorite foods are along the way.

Another Taste of Heather.

Heather not only loves to write, but she also loves to read out loud some of her favorite children’s books. Check out her YouTube Channel.

You know I am a story collector. Could there be a better match?!
Tune in on Monday to hear her story.

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