Carol DeWitt, an Intuitive Kinesiologist

Thanks, Carol DeWitt for an enjoyable and informative show.  I knew I would learn a lot about Kinesiology, even more specifically exactly what you do as an Intuitive Kinesiologist. You really brought this subject to life for me and I’m sure our listeners would agree. 

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have some type of struggle in their lives, whether it is physical or emotional it’s part of living. We all get stuck from time to time. I found it interesting how you combine your listening skills to “see” beyond what you hear in a gentle non-invasive manner. 

Here are some of the takeaways I learned from you today.

As an Intuitive Kinesiologist, you are able to provide supportive solutions in a gentle, caring and non-invasive way. Through intuitive expression, you are able to listen to body language and relate back to your clients, the issues that are held in our body. 

Maybe your client might have a painful back, or suffer from migraine headaches; by approaching those imbalances through a series of muscle movements and tools that you’ve learned in your over 30 years of experience, you are making a difference.

I’ve learned the importance of the conscious and subconscious mind and how those messages and experiences can have a physical and emotional effect in our lives. 

Here are the areas that Intuitive Kinesiology promotes:

Emotional Balance, Relaxation, Physical Healing, Improved Digestion, Improved Mobility, Pain Relief, Detoxification, Increased Energy, Improved Circulation, Improved Sleeping Patterns, Stress Reduction, and Increased Productivity.

Storytelling is a big part of my personal motivation for being a Podcaster. I loved your stories and I’m sure we could do an entire show about how you’ve helped people through time-tested techniques.  

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