The Power of Words

Have you ever wondered what The Power of Words has in our lives? As someone that was Born To Talk, I’ve often thought about this. What words did you hear growing up in your family? 

I can think of a few things my dad would say:

“Engage your gears, before you engage your mouth.” or this regular one… “You’re grounded!” He didn’t mean, I was secure and focused, no, it had to do with my report cards, that seemed to always have a “U” in work habits and cooperation with a remark from the teacher that indicated I talked too much during class. What??? Me, that’s not possible, it was the guy behind me, and I always got caught! Didn’t matter…Grounded!!! I always wanted the “last word” in whatever we were arguing about without success.

It would be incomplete without adding the kind and loving words, that I will also remember…I was his “Tootsie Pie.” Just typing this and recalling what words mean, makes my eyes well up. How I would love to hear his words today. My guess he would say, “That’s my Tootsie Pie!”



                 Fast forward to what words meant in my married life.  Butch was an Electrical Engineer. Now, if you know anything about that personality type, Butch fits the mold. He used his words when it mattered, he didn’t need to hear the sound of his voice to make an impact. His personality and mine made for a balanced relationship.         

He was the rock, I was the mouth-piece.

Words have always played a pivotal part in my life. While others were paying attention in school, I was busy talking, asking questions and observing others. My interest is how people bring those words to life through their passions and life stories.

Words are the title of an old Bee Gee’s song…do you remember “It’s Only Words“? Are you humming?

When I think about The Power of Words, it’s equally important to me to use that power in a positive way. Why not say hello to a total stranger? It’s a win-win. What I have found in conversations with total strangers is the commonality we share.  It doesn’t matter where in the world we live, by simply speaking and being in the moment those words matter and our lives are enriched.

My challenge to you is to pay attention to The Power of Words you use today. How can you make your words matter?

Each day, I post a Word of the Day with quotes from the famous to the unknown. Those words mean something to me, from inspiring to reflective, from humor to motivational. 

685 days ago, my first Word of the Day was YES!  Let’s see how many times we can say that today!

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