Carole Sumner Krechman

Join me on my Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on Monday, March 1st from 1-2 PT with my distinguished guest Carole Sumner Krechman.

Carole is the Chairman, Founder, and President of the Peacemaker Corps Association and the Peace in the Streets  Global Film Festival.

Carole’s Background.

Carole has been a member of Who’s Who in American Business since 1979.  She studied architecture and design at UCLA, graduating in the 60’s.  Later, she returned to school and received her teaching credential in 2010 from Cal State University Riverside.  As an international entrepreneur and architect, Carole built a successful design company that spanned the globe in the 1980s operating out of Beijing, thanks to her benefactor, Dr. Armand Hammer.  Carole along with her husband Sheldon spent eight more years doing business in China and completing the project.  The team found investors and lenders, built their vision into the Beijing Asia Hotel, created the design team with Chinese, Japanese, Hong Kong, and Thailand joining her as the first American woman to design and develop a modern, Western hotel, apartments, and office building in downtown Beijing.

Peacemaker Corps Association


Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival.

When Carole founded the Peacemaker Corps Association (PCA) in 1997, her goal was to support the United Nations mission to promote peace, tolerance, and nonviolent conflict resolution around the world.  Peacemaker Corps Association is a non-profit charity dedicated to teaching children around the world how to make “Peace in the Streets.” PCA is an (NGO) Non-Governmental Organization with United Nations Economic and Social Council (ESCSOC) status.  Carole is a life-long activist/volunteer and former Chairman of the Board of Friends of the United Nations. Her volunteer service spans 30 years with the UN.  Subsequently, Carole was honored for her years of philanthropy and innovation by receiving the 2008 Purpose Prize Fellowship. This award is similar to a Nobel Peace Prize just for seniors.

In 2013, the Annual Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival (PSGFF) was added. Over 1,000 films from 30 countries on six continents have been submitted to date.

Up next, at the 2020 film festival, PCA partnered with the UN75. The PSGFF virtual awards were the grand finale of the 75th anniversary year of the UN with the ceremony broadcast worldwide on UNTV. It now archives on YouTube.  Imagine the impact this has on our youth around the world.

In addition to her passion for Peace, Carole is also a visionary thought leader who is currently the CEO of Logos-E, Inc.  Logos-E. is an innovative digital technology company.  And if that isn’t enough, most recently she has become involved in the UCLA Bedari Kindness Institute.

In closing, Carole will be sharing her amazing stories about what Peace means to her and how she helps children translate that into films around the world. We will be hearing about the stories of previous youth winners.  Where does she draw her inspiration and what is the status of the Film Festival for 2021?

What’s her key to life? Tune in to hear more!

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