Corbin Jones, The Musician

One of the pleasures of having a weekly radio show is determining who will be my guest or guests each week.

For the most part, I either know someone personally or in the case of Corbin Jones, just have a serendipitous encounter.

It was one of those days when getting out with camera and going to one of my favorite spots, the local lagoon by my home, where I saw this man playing a stand-up base off in the distance.  This isn’t typical I might add, I’m in search of ducks, herons and egrets.

There he was, in his zone playing.  I needed to know more.One-word lead to another.  I knew Corbin had an interesting story to tell and that’s how it started!

What prompted this young musician to leave Greenwood Village Colorado and attend USC’s music program? This might have helped…

The USC Marching Band included Corbin playing the tuba. Imagine that!The stand-up bass and the tuba are not his only instruments. He also plays the electric bass guitar and the baritone sax.

Is it enough just to play?  Not if you’re Corbin.  He writes and arranges music as well. What’s the difference between those two disciplines?

I’m curious to know about his routine. How much time he spends between practicing and writing, you have to be disciplined.

But there is so much more, he is a freelance musician, therefore he plays in several bands around the city, playing jazz and a hip hop sound.

The music selections on the show will be featuring him playing and in one case arranging the music.

After a tour to NYC and Italy this summer, he is filled with memorable travel adventures. What was it like to be immersed in the music scene? How were they received in the different location as he played with Sammy Miller and The Congregation?What else does he do, you ask?  He teaches music in an after-school program at a private elementary school to 3rd-6th graders. The focus is classical and contemporary music as they learn how to play the double bass and tuba in a small group setting of 1-3 students.

Can there be all work and no play?  Not if your life is in balance. Enter Sunny, his fiancé.In my effort to stay in balance between my work and play, Corbin entered my day. I’m looking forward to you meeting him and hearing his story.You can listen and watch live on or on Monday, August 15 from 1-2 PT on my Born To Talk Radio Show.  We are more than just talk.

If you can’t catch the live broadcast, there will be an archived link on my Born To Talk Radio Show Facebook as well as an archived link on my blog at radio show archives.