Devin Moore

Thank you Devin Moore for being a guest on my first episode of the new year, on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.


At the age of 14, Devin founded Race To Speak Up. This is now a 501C3 Nonprofit. He is also the CEO. Devin understands what it means to be bullied, as he was bullied and can speak and write from his personal expereinces. Devin is also the author of Devin Speaks Up!

Workshops and Presentations.

Race To Speak Up Against Bullying Workshop.

His interactive workshop allows for participants to gain anti-bullying knowledge.  To learn how to be upstanders, and create effective solutions to this bullying epidemic.  They also educate the participants  to bring a Call To Action that be implemented in classrooms

Youth Entrepreneurship Presentation.

In this presentation, participants leans how to develop a business idea, leverage their network, and create a business  This interactive workshop helps start young changemakers in their entrepreneurship journey.

Devin Speaks Up! Author Readings.

Devin offers Storytime Readings of Devin Speaks Up! It also includes question and answers, Upstander Pledge and positive affirmations calls and responses.

Are you an Upstander?







Their educational and interactive Workshops and Presentations are in-person and virtual.  For more information you can contact

Devin’s Takeaways.

From this episode, you will learn about the importance of preventing bullying through Devin Moore, Founder of Race To Speak Up. The mission of Race To Speak Up is to educate all about bullying prevention, empower them to be upstanders and support each other through our beautiful differences. You can also bring Devin’s anti-bullying workshops to your schools, companies, and communities through reaching out on their website.  Remember to “Race To Speak Up Against Bullying.”

In Closing.

Perhaps you were bullied, or a family member was bullied. Devin provides the resources to make a difference, through his non-profit organization and his book, Devin Speaks Up!.

Join us for this inspiring podcast as Devin shares his story.

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