Diane Kane

Thank you Diane Kane for joining me once again on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.


Diane Kane is one of the founding members of Quabbin Quills non-profit writers’ group. Q.Q. has published six anthologies to date that include works by aspiring writers and offers scholarships to writing students. She also teaches writing workshops and facilitates writing groups.

In addition, Diane is the publisher and co-author of Flash in the Can Number One and Number Two, short stories to read wherever you go. Diane also writes public interest articles for Uniquely Quabbin magazine and local newspapers and professional reviews for Readers’ Favorite

Her short stories appear in several Red Penguin Publications, including her award-winning short story historical fiction piece, “Ernest Lived,” which was the basis for “I Never Called Him Pa.” In addition, she has multiple stories published in Monadnock Underground and numerous other print anthologies and online magazines.

I Never Called Him Pa.


This is a coming-of-age novel set in the 1950s told in the voice of Henry, a young fatherless boy living on a farm in Northern Illinois with his Grandmother, his wayward mother, and the traveler who changes all their lives. After WWII, the military sent men home on trains. Some never got off. They rode the rails in boxcars, searching for their souls lost to the toils of society or the ravages of war. Ernest, one such man of color, seeks refuge with Henry, Gram, and her daughter Janie on the farm. Their sins and secrets could either drive them apart or bind them together. Take a journey you will never forget in “I Never Called Him Pa.”

Diane’s Takeaways.

Diane always knew she would write a novel someday.  Someday took 60-plus years, but someday finally came.  Diane’s advice to anyone that has a dream:  “It ain’t easy but, it’s worth it!”  Her debut novel, “I Never Called Him Pa”  is receiving praise from authors and readers worldwide as a must-read that will capture your heart.

In closing.

Perhaps you’ve put your dreams on hold, maybe it’s time to consider releasing the hold and see what you can do.  You won’t know unless you try!

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