Eileen Doyon

Join me on Monday, December 14th from 1-2PT for another episode of the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.  My guest will be Author, Eileen Doyon.

Let’s Meet Eileen.

Eileen grew up in the small town of Fort Edward in upstate New York. She left there in 1978 and now lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with her husband, Dan, and cat, Otis.




Eileen has released eight books. Her series, Unforgettable Faces & Stories was created after her dads’ death in 2011 from Lung Cancer.






Now Eileen has recently released her ninth book and first children’s book, Lucky…Little Guy, BIG Mission

A true story about Lucky, a little puppy that only Christy Gardner, an Army Veteran who has two prosthetic legs, realized had potential.  Lucky was a little puppy born with an unusual front leg. Others saw him with a flaw, Christy saw him with lots of love to give.  She was already training puppies to become service/therapy dogs. The story of Lucky is that of a special puppy with an incredible personality and a special mission.  Read how Christy and her service dog, Moxie, took Lucky into their home. He will warm your heart and put a smile on your face. Moxie teaches Lucky that he can do things like other puppies can, he just has to figure out his own way.



Eileen’s mission is to help Christy train service dogs to help other Veterans and to train dogs to work in the classrooms with kids.  The book talks about anti-bullying, disabilities, and to never give up no matter what your situation.





We will be talking about Eileen’s life as an author and what inspires her to write.

In closing, it’s been my experience, that author’s not only can write well, but they are excellent storytellers too!

Tune in to hear the inspiration behind Eileen’s Stories.

Making the world a better place.  One Story at a time.

What’s Your Story?  I want to tell it.


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