Deborah Johnson

Joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on October 18th, 1-2 PT is Deborah Johnson.

Deborah Johnson.

Deborah Johnson, M.A. is an author, composer, performer, inspirational speaker, podcaster, entrepreneur, and much more!

She has just released her 5th book, The Summit…Journey to Hero Mountain.  In addition, Deborah has released multiple albums, along with writing hundreds of songs and three full-length musicals.  Along with her husband, Greg she produces a popular podcast, Women at Halftime.

The Summit.

The Summit is the story of Mallery, a young woman who hides her ideas in a book beneath her pillow. In her book, we travel with Mallery to the land of Baybel to pursue her Summit, which holds the promise of a bigger and better future. Along the way, she discovers her keys of courage and gems of opportunity. She learns that just has everything within us to press on to reach the very top.  The Summit is an entertaining allegory that inspires us to reach the Summit of our own Hero Mountain, never losing hope.  Face the mind games, risks, confidence, and comparison to move forward in your life and business.  You can order the book from this link.

Music for Kids.

Here is another resource from Deborah.  Music for Kids.



In this book, Deborah talks about the importance of some sort of music education.  She believes piano or keyboard lessons should be offered as part of that education.   As a result, music also improves self-discipline, thinking skills, partial reasoning, creative abilities, and more.

Women at Halftime Podcast.

Follow her on her Goals for Your Life podcast, she and Greg talk about resources and ideas for those at mid-career or the halftime of life to maximize skills, resources, and talent to pursue their goals and dreams to make their second half even better than their first.  Practical tools and principles for both business and life.

In Closing.

Deborah loves to create and inspire others to use their skills, talents, and resources to be the very best they can be.

It’s very clear she is an exciting woman with stories to share!

Tune in and tell your friends!

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