Elizabeth Conte

Thank you Elizabeth Conte for joining me again on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.

Elizabeth Conte.

Elizabeth is a women’s fiction writer who brings what she loves about 19th-century literature to the 21st-century reader. She is also a writer of poetry. Her short stories are featured in anthologies.  Her goal is to create beauty for the mind.

In her second book, Chosen Mistress, Elizabeth’s writes about a tale of two women in early Victorian society exposing the underside of love, sex, and relationships.

Breaking news!

Elizabeth’s first book Finding Jane won a Silver Award in the Literary Category for Love Story and Romance.

Elizabeth’s Takeaways.

“The world is filled with darkness, evil, unkindness. We can either give into it, or counter it. I want to counter it with my writing, creating beauty for the mind. When you fill your mind with beauty it lifts your spirit and raises the consciousness of the world around you.”

In Closing.

“My goal for every book is that a reader falls into my world, wants to return and read more, and then afterwards, remembers how they felt being there. I have read too many books that I can’t remember the character’s name, or the story when I close the book. I hope that when you read of book of mine, you remember…the people, the love, and the journey it took you on.”

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