Jamie Altshule

My guest on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on Monday, August 31st 1-2 PT is Jamie Altshule.

Let’s Meet Jamie.

Jamie Altshule, is an Educational Consultant and Founder of Academic Success, Inc.  Born in Los Angeles, Jamie taught high school and middle school English. She has also provided private academic coaching, home-school teaching, and curriculum advice.

Jamie’s resume also includes being an educator abroad. Her experiences included collegiate teaching in Japan, Komozowa Junior College for Women. She also taught high-school instruction in Tunisia.

Academic Success.  Coaching.


Regardless of the grade level, many families find the advantage of academic coaching. Jamie has a coaching staff.  Here’s an example of what they do:

To begin with, they support students from basic elementary, middle, and high school in a variety of grade related subjects.

Home-schooling became popular many years ago. For some students, traditional campus education was not a good match. Now home-schooling, for some, has a new definition.  However, as a result of Covid-19, how does Jamie’s team support families under today’s new technology of distance learning?

For the older students, how can they prepare in this new school year for standardized testing? Jamie’s team can provide that support too.

Many of the students they meet are high achievers who need extra support for their rigorous classes. What’s important to Jamie is that her coaches employ a holistic approach. Therefore, how to study, organize, and manage their time and schedule effectively is important.


Pre Covid-19

Coaching Biology

Coaching Test Prep

As a result of Jamie’s extensive academic experience, she has created an operation, together with her team, for

Academic Success.

Tune in to learn more!

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